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Colomboloco shows blend dynamic and eclectic folk Mediterranean beats from across Southern Europe with Tarantella, Classical Opera, as well as Greek, Spanish and Turkish traditional music in an epic journey around the globe worthy of Colombus himself. The band’s musicians hail from Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey, performing in South Italian dialect, Italian, Spanish and also in English, French, Hebrew and Russian. Come along to have an unforgettable night at Music & Beans Camden

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Our food matches the flow of smooth beats pumping throughout our cafe. We're proud to be dishing up deliciously fresh salads with vibrant twists on old favourites. Our keen kitchen churns out bowl after bowl every day to keep you full of food that's feeding your soul.
All that being said, we're not averse to sweet treats either. The café's counters are consistently filled to bursting with handmade pastries, cakes and cookies. Pop in for the perfect pick-me-up served alongside the unbeatable flavour of Allpress Coffee, roasted here in London.
Whatever takes your fancy, Music & Beans Camden are committed to honest and delicious food that's always fresh. Join us for a bite and taste the flavours putting rhythm back in the streets of Camden.

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We provide online food delivery with UberEats

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